Our educational arm provides music instruction for guitar, keyboard, and bass. All our instructors are music fans eager to share our knowledge, experience and passion for music with the community. Our instructors have a wealth of performance as well as teaching experience, and are minimally grade 8 certified (Trinity, ABRSM, Rockschool). Individual lessons are tailored to ensure each student receives our instructors’ full attention, to learn the songs they want to learn, at their own pace.

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar


Our fees are fixed at $280 a month (four lessons of 60 minutes), regardless of your proficiency level. No registration fee or deposit is required. Lessons will be conducted in our studio in Excelsior Shopping Centre, which is next to Funan. You do not have to bring your instruments, as our classroom is fully equipped. You will also enjoy special rates on instruments, equipment and services from Anvil and our partners.

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