Acoustic Guitar

About the acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is an instrument with infinite possibility. It is the people’s instrument, showing up in taverns, bars, even the beach. Even if you’re a complete beginner at music, you could pick up a guitar and within a very short time learn to play a simple chord progression used in much of contemporary, popular music. (Try that with any orchestral instrument…)

Unlike the electric guitar, there is no distortion, no pedals, and no volume knob to worry about, which allows you to focus on the basics of the instrument, tone, and sound.

As a beginner, you will start your acoustic guitar journey by learning chords. This will allow you to accompany singers, including yourself. After learning basic chord shapes and a couple of strumming patterns, you can learn fingerstyle, or incorporate percussive elements in your playing that can add to the performance. You could spend a lifetime exploring this very versatile instrument.

What we use

In our classroom: Maestro Project X, Maestro Raffles IR

In our studio: Maestro Original Series Victoria WE

Our Teachers