About the bass guitar

The most overlooked instrument in modern music is the bass guitar. While the drummer, the guitarist, and the singer are all vying for your attention, it’s the bassist who holds the music down and provides that essential connection between melody and rhythm.

What we use

In our studio: Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo Stealth Black H/H

Our Teachers

Our resident music producer, Daniel is a prolific musician and teaches the bass when he is off studio duty. With a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, Daniel is well equipped to guide both beginners and seasoned players through learning plans tailored for each individual. Outside of Anvil, Daniel also fronts local indie band Fantastic Four as lead vocalist and bassist, while also playing bass for other local acts such as Mario’s Speedwagon and Daniel Sid. He is influenced greatly by bass legends Marcus Miller, Pino Palladino and Sharay Reed, and incorporates their styles into his playing. This allows him to teach different genres on the bass and will equip students with the necessary vocabulary to further improve their bass playing.